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  1. Author: micheal fotinos

Watch ENA asteri [2018] Online Free DVDRip. Ena asteri gennietai epeisodia. "I'll Be There" has a cute but implausible plot, mediocre acting, and terrible sound quality, which would not be completely horrible in an ordinary movie, but in a movie that's entire purpose is to allow the lead actress to show off her voice, it's a disaster. The plot is quite obviously put together merely so that Charlotte Church can sing, but the poor recording quality of the movie does not even let the plot follow through with its motive. Charlotte Church's beautiful, first class voice is completely butchered. The movie would be worthwhile just to here her sing if someone on the crew had managed to obtain decent recording equipment. As this is not the case, it is a bit of a waste of time. The plot is cute enough that it can keep the attention of the viewer, and Charlotte Church plays her part fairly well. She has a very pretty face that lights up at the right moments and aids the movie considerably. Otherwise, the acting is mediocre, and the movie is not worth wasting money on.

A better than expected "star" vehicle for Charlotte Church's film debut. She inevitably gets some criticism for just being herself in normal life but in this film she is at least as good as most 16 year old actresses with possibly rather more training would be albeit it's true that to some extent she is playing herself. I've always thought Jemma Redgrave to be a wooden actress but she isn't too bad here and does a good job of looking extremely proud of her daughter by the end. The flashback when she plays herself at 18 stretches the imagination though.
Joss Ackland is quite effective as the old rocker of a grandfather. He seems to be having a ball singing with the rock band and it is his own voice. I just about remembered he has sung in the past and played Juan Peron on the original album of Evita.
Craig Ferguson is in mixed form as the rock star. Early on he is a caricature and doesn't act very well in the attempt but as the character calms down he gives a better performance.
Overall a good family film - A predictable ending (It was obvious what Charlotte's closing song in the film would be from very early on - Anbd the title gave another clue) but none the worse for that.

Ena"AsterI"There. Watch Ena asteri gennietai movie watch Ena asteri (2018) English Full Movie Online Free Download ENA ASTERI eng sub download. Ena asteri gennietai lady gaga. This movie had all of the elements of a good time. Wonderful cast, lots of laughing, music to tap your feet and terrific scenery. Craig Ferguson, did an outstanding tour de force with writing,acting etc. He's a joy to behold. Charlotte Church, moved me, she was just right, and her voice, like an angel. It's a movie for the whole family, without being a Disney movie. I am looking forward to seeing it again and again.


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